Sustainable Procurement

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Having acknowledged the business implications of sustainable procurement, ALPLA strives to become a leader in this field, achieving the following attributes:

  • Supplier engagement
  • Integration
  • Transparency
  • Leadership


Supplier Engagement

Our suppliers play a crucial role in achieving our sustainable procurement goals. With your collaboration, we can achieve outstanding results that benefit not only ALPLA but also you, our partners, and our customers.



ALPLA is on a clear growth trajectory. We invite our key suppliers to join us on this journey. We have developed a new version of our Supplier Code of Conduct, which aligns with ALPLA's corporate social responsibility expectations. This initiative aims to onboard our suppliers, ensuring they are well-informed about ALPLA’s standards.



We present a transparent and structured management process to our suppliers and provide detailed guidelines for suppliers and procurement employees, including self-assessment and risk analysis. To learn more, please refer to our Sustainable Procurement Policy which provides comprehensive details and guidelines.



Our leadership is fully committed to integrating sustainable practices into our procurement processes, setting a strong example and driving forward our sustainability agenda. By aligning our executive strategies with our sustainable procurement goals, we reinforce our dedication to responsible sourcing and corporate social responsibility, fostering a culture of sustainability throughout ALPLA and among our partners.

Next on Sustainable Procurement

ALPLA has started a journey to embed sustainability into its procurement processes, necessitating a proactive engagement with Key Suppliers.

'The best way to predict the future is to create it.'

- Peter Drucker

Supplier onboarding and Management processes

We redesigned our supplier onboarding and management processes

Sustainability expectations

We developed our sustainability expectations towards Key Suppliers
Overview of the expactations at ALPLA
Overview of the supplier management process at ALPLA