People – employee engagement and society

ALPLA has grown steadily in recent years. Around the world, there were 23,300 people working for the company at the end of 2023. The employees are crucial to success, act as company ambassadors and continuously shape ALPLA’s public image. The aim is to have enthusiastic and productive employees who apply their expertise and skills in the right positions. We therefore offer not only a work environment with excellent development opportunities, but also voluntary social benefits and a good work-life balance.

As an employer, ALPLA bears significant responsibility for its employees and their families. The top priority is the safety and good health of the employees. Another fundamental prerequisite here is compliance with all labour law provisions and the equal treatment of all individuals. ALPLA also sets great store by continuing professional development, employee development and training up a new generation of workers in its training workshops.

Equal treatment of all employees

The people who work for ALPLA are important to us. We treat everybody the same, regardless of their background, gender or beliefs. Not only do we respect differences, we also regard them as a source of innovation and of our success. Additionally, each and every employee is an ambassador of the company and shapes ALPLA’s image.

Health and safety

ALPLA has prioritised employee health and safety by establishing a decentralised health and safety management system (HSMS) based on the ILO’s Convention No. 155 and Recommendation No. 164 of 1981; the system complies with the specific legal requirements in each country of operation.

Because everyone who works at ALPLA should be able to work in a healthy and safe environment. The personal health and safety of the employees are matters which are not only close to ALPLA’s heart – illness and accidents also result in high costs and can lead to production downtimes. ALPLA has therefore set itself the target of reducing the accident rate to zero. In addition, the already high standards that apply at our workplaces will be further improved while raising awareness of this area among the partners, customers and suppliers too.

‘It’s down to each and every one of us to make ALPLA a safe place to work. Our global HSE programme is founded on boosting our employees’ safety awareness. We want to motivate them to identify and eliminate all unsafe conditions and conduct.’


Walter Ritzer, COO, ALPLA Group

Learning and development

With its Corporate People Development department, which is dedicated to learning and development, ALPLA clearly demonstrates its commitment to the structured and systematic further development of its employees irrespective of their rank or location by bringing the portfolio of employees and their potential into line with both current and future business requirements.

Our learning and training centre, the ALPLA Academy, facilitates the development of our employees’ personal and professional capabilities and skills. With our global internal network of trainers and experts, we pass on our existing expertise and knowledge and thereby sustainably embed it within the company.

‘Our aim is to create all the conditions needed for our existing ALPLA employees to realise their full potential. Here, it is important to us that they are all familiar with the opportunities within the company and that we actively promote individual development.’


Andrea Becker, Head of Corporate People Development

ALPLA has been offering junior staff dual training in various professions since 1960. The concept was first exported from Austria to Mexico and China in 2013, followed by a training programme in India (2020) and Poland (2021). In 2022, ALPLA launched a second training programme in Mexico and followed this up in 2023 with a training programme in South Africa. There are plans for other training sites in Romania and the USA.

A picture of the apprentices with the apprenticeship trainer in Mexico, Toluca in 2023

In memory of Alwin Lehner, ALPLA also funds a scholarship for exceptionally talented and dedicated students from Austria and abroad. Applicants must demonstrate merit and be enrolled on a course of study relevant to ALPLA at an institution specified by ALPLA (university, university of applied sciences). In addition to the financial assistance, the scholarship also includes paid internships at ALPLA in Austria and abroad.

Social engagement

ALPLA has been supporting the non-profit organisation NIDISI since the end of 2021. Together with a local partner, two recycling centres have been set up in Nepal under the project name ReValue to expedite the development of a sustainable waste management system there.